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genius143 genius143 13-15, F 6 Answers Jul 18, 2012

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well this all depend on how old u are im 18 and i left school last year but my school and another school joined up so 2 high schools 2x more people and really crowded and for me in abut 4classes out of about 10 i was the only girl and it wasn't really hard for me to get a guy cues i was stuck in a class with 9 boys and all i did was dress right and i did ware make up but only for 1st and 2nd year but really u do not want to boys going near u at school things like walking upstairs and they put there hand up Ur skirt so immature i was 14 wen i lost my virginity and i regret it so thin carefully abut this boys will just use u at this age

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Most of them are not as mature as the girls at that age. The boys still mostly want to do boy activities.

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be really friendly to them

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