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wicatcher1507 wicatcher1507 18-21, M 3 Answers Oct 12, 2009

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I'd recommend not jailbreaking your phone / ipod. It's about as cool and hip as using a hacked cablebox from 1989 that electrocutes you a little bit when you push the buttons. It offers about as much street cred as frosting and gelling your hair. Or almost as much a REALLY cool keychain that has a swear word on it. LOLOMGWTFBBQ! Reality check - "jailbreaking" your Ipod isn't cool. You're about as cool as the first American kid to realize they like anime.

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ummm....<br />
<br />
im mentally retarded

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OS 3.1.2. is out and according to the Dev Team, its not wise to update yet.

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