one thing after another keeps happening, feels like the whole world is ganging up on me. how do you stay positive at a time like this?
jerrica jerrica 41-45, F 10 Answers Sep 19, 2010

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In December the water pipes broke in the house so house reconstruction for Christmas, in February, my mother in law died, we were on hook for about 45K of her debt for nursing care total ran 85K along with other things we were in about 125K, June, could not keep up with everything, had to refinance the house, July my mom went into the hospital, dad did not have enough time to keep up with the farm and wouldn't leave mom, I was driving 186 miles a day to help, July hail storm hit the house lost the roof, screens and a shed, August my mom died 12 days before her 79th birthday, September still waiting for the insurance check to cover the funeral costs we gave dad. Along with the hail storm the siding was damaged which we didn't catch so I have to fix that and Paint the house.

When I think of everything that has gone bad in the last 10 months, all I can do is smile, it seems like a soap opera, and to top it off, I was told it if I wanted to continue my employment until retirement, I would have to move to Oklahoma City or find another job, I am only two years away. Guess what I'll be doing in March.

You have my sympathies with your ills, god ain't life thrilling, still all I can do is smile.

My goal wasn't to make you feel like yours is nothing, just to show you life goes on, cry if you can, smile if it is so much you wouldn't believe it if you heard if from someone else. This is where faith comes in, I firmly believe god will not give me more than I can handle, and keep that in mind as I go forward. I can't tell you anything more really, we each handle things in our own way, and I have lived through so much in my life and made so many changes, I just have an unshakable belief I will make it, I will help my family make it. Just tackle it one piece at a time.

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i'm sorry for all you've been through. my concerns are nothing compared to what you've endured.

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Know this, tomorrow is another day, believe it has to get better and do something different tomorrow to make it different, sometimes life is telling us we need to make changes in our lives for things to be better.

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Ok, i added an answer, and then i tried to add an addendum, and lost the original answer, it was like 4 paragraphs, essentially explaining the meaning of life, which as it turns out is the same for religious and non religious people alike :P But i dont have time to write it out again it took me ages the first time, i know this seems like a big insult or a mockery, and im sorry...

But thats my answer: i struggled fro 2 years, then i came up with a satisfactory meaning of life, and i have found it much easier to cope with everything bar 1 (although how do you really get over unrequited love?) and im not the only person this has helped, so its not just an answer for me... i might post it here later, but i really dont have time now..

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