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You feel depressed. Listen to sad music over and over. Hate him. Then maybe you'll be friends again. But you'll never ever stop loving them.

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Some feelings never go away. I found it easy to just avoid them and do everything else for yourself that makes you happy. and remember that lifes to short to waste time.. But If there are kids involved its very hard cause they are always going to be around.

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Well, you get up off the floor, and dance.

You spin a few times.

You jump up and down.

You put on a pretty outfit and do your hair nicely.

You shake yourself off,

And you go have an awesome day, and after about 30 awesome days, you won't think about him much anymore :3

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Mostly it's time. But staying away from them, immersing yourself in other activities, spending time with other people and keeping busy helps a lot.

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You might not ever get over them

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