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It happen to me this weekend .

And sure it hurt.

I looked at it.

And relised that mabe it was to help me to get ready for

some one else to come in my life.

And wrote what I wanted out of my life and who I

wanted in my life.

That is how I dealt with it.

And wrote on a paper and put in a glass and put it

way and see it comes true .

That is what I do.

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Thats a great idea thank you, i am sorry to hear about you too its so horrible but it does make you think deeply. I just need to pick myself up again

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Just think about your happiness. Are you happy with the a one sided love? Dont you deserve someone loving you back? If you tell yourself, "but i love this person," if your loving and thinking about this person, who's going to be loving you and thinking about you if your caught up in this person. Love should be a two way street.

Remember you cannot force someone to love you. If they dont love you, what can you do? Love yourself! Find someone who deserves you and is willing to love you just the same as you love them

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In time it will be ok, besides why would you wanna be with them if they don't feel the same !

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True its time to do wot is best for my future!

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Its true . Only time heals a broken heart ..

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I hope my heart moves on

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Do you ever get completely over them?

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