And do you know what causes them? Mine is at the end of my eyebrow. Bugs me a lot!
LunarPanda LunarPanda 66-70, F 17 Answers Mar 22, 2009

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Me....I walk away from my Mother in law....hehehehe

she give me such a tic.....that she makes me want to A...tack....hehehehehe

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That twitch is the eye muscle ..over worked and stressed. Cold or warm compress will help.. Eye drops too.Time in front of a computer causes tired eyes.Squinting tires the muscles..have your eyes check . It could be time.

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yes its stress, drink plenty of gatorade, your drinking too much sugar and not enough electrolytes in your body. then get some sleep.

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Best I could ever do was ignore it and let it go on it's own.

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mine hasn't gone away with sleep, or break away from electronics. It has been going on for a long time. It's been over a year in half since I had Bell's Palsy so I am wondering if now, I am more prone to this. So strange.

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Avoid Gatorade: it is full of corn syrup. Get electrolytes from Emergen-C, vitamin C packets (also other minerals and vitamins in it). Lay off caffeine, drink lots of water. Could it be nerve damage (did you smack yer noggin)?

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too much stress, caffeine, or staring at a computer or tv screen will cause these eye twitches.

Rest/Relax, put a cold compress over your eyes, cut out the caffeine and the refined sugar, and take brakes when you are on the computer.

Also if you have trouble seeing and you squint it will also cause these eye twitches and headaches. Get some glasses if this is the case.

Personally I like when I get those little eye twitches or muscles spasms. they feel funny, and They don't bother me. I think it's funny when I have an eye twitch in school or at work because I know people are looking at me funny and I just pretend there is nothing happening, and I just laugh at their reactions.

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I reduced stress, caffeine, got extra sleep and mine stuck around- finally went to the doc.

she told me to stop drinking diet soda that has aspartame. Sure as heck it went away in a few days. It comes back if I have too much caffeine now or am over tired.

Check your diet for aspartame (sugar substitute)


check your life for stress (excess)

lack of sleep (less than 6 hrs)

hope yours goes away.

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Oh man... I get these too. Drives me crazy. I find I get them while stressed and short on sleep. So I agree with those that say rest will help....

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If it just bugs you then;

- relax and eliminate Stress in your daily life

- Reduce caffein e.g. coffee, tea, etc...

- Rest & try to get enough of sleep

- And you could also massage the position of a tic with your finger gently ;)

But if it's severe & last long more than 3 days, better go for doctor since eyes are very delicate organs ;)

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i think twitches are caused by lack of sleep, stress and there's a few other possible factors. I used 2 get them quite badly n occasionally they recur. try relaxing and closing your eyes for awhile. theyr''e not serious though but are extremely annoying.

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Wise owl is right. It's stress induced. I used to get them. Elliminate some of your stress and do things to calm yourself.


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Without drugs, I don't think you can. You will find more than I remember about the subject on a simple google search, but I can tell you this: Its a seizure! I sometimes get an eye tic under long periods of sleeplessness or stress, and I looked it up one time. Mine goes away with rest and relaxation. Maybe you need an off day!

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