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Hopefully you'll never be rid of it. Guilt is as necessary to humanity as love is. Use your guilt as a tool to learn and improve.

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The same way the person with the broken heart gets over it.

Die a little bit.

Lose weight.

Act like an *******.

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You should not until they have moved on. that's the least you can do for breaking their heart.

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If you feel guilt you must have been really bad. Just move on and be careful next time it might happen to you

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It depends on the reason you hurt them and how you hurt them. If you actually did something that you knew would hurt them other than leaving them, and you felt it was justified, it can be quite difficult to get rid of the guilt.

If you, however hurt someone by leaving them, then you must have had your reasons, so you should not feel too guilty. They are probably partly to blame.

I hurt a friend who had helped me considerably, but then I discovered she was breaking confidentialities, so I felt I had to report her to her seniors. I know this will have hurt her, and I do feel guilty, but hopefully eventually it will wear off. If I could make friends with her again I would, as I have no malice towards her, it was just a question of justice, because it was a professional confidence she broke.

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this is a very hard question to answer.. I broke someone's heart too, I'm finding a way to get rid of the guilt. I'm planning to talk to him soon and I'll explain to him and ask for his forgiveness. I'm sure after that I will feel good.

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that's a good question, i'd like to know myself. i was the one who always had my heart broken so i sure don't know the answer to this one.

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Lots of ways.

Self medicate, rationalize all the reasons why you HAD to do what you did, tell yourself it was their fault, keep so busy that you don't have time to think about it, etc.

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I think that it depends on your motivation for breaking the persons heart.

Did you do so intentionally, knowing that it would break the person's heart or was it accidentally done?

If it was intentional, you need to ask that person for forgiveness and learn your lesson from your mistake (you sound as if you now regret it).

If it was accidental, explain what you did, why you did it and what your true intentions were. If the person truly loves you they'll forgive you and try to understand where you are coming from without asking for their forgiveness. Then you need to forgive yourself.

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