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Pack your bags and leave. Life is short. Really.

BTW, don't listen to someone who is in a group called "I believe woman are inferior to men"

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Hey girl we must have met in a separate life. I've been married 23 years and I never see or talk to my wife anymore. We make good room mates but thats about it. I know what you say about leaving and its tough espically after than length of time. It almost like being alone now and that feeling sucks. I have finally came up with the courage to try and find a female in the same predicament so that maybe we can become friends. I never want to marry again.

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One day you will realise enough is enough and you just deserve better, and you do so gather some gumption and get away! Literally if you don't have dependant children then pack your bags and walk out the door ! GOOD LUCK.......Im leaving a loser too after 25 years together....too long !!

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A woman is bound to her husband as long as He shall live. Pray for guidance, read the Bible, work it out.

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"A woman is bound to her husband as long as He shall live"

Sorry I had to comment, what a load of crap, I think the slave trade has long gone.

Yes, by all means read the Bible and stay in a failed marriage, be unhappy, waste the rest of your life.

Or do something about it, and leave, and live your live the way YOU want.

My best advice is bin the bible it's long past it's sell by date. It's 2011, you know what you want so go and get it.

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