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I tend to just ask them to dinner, drinks, ect. They politely decline and my hopes and dreams are crushed and I move on.

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LOL aaaaaaahhhh

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I will demonstrate. Would you care to grab a drink this evening. :D LOL

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that would be an ok one

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walk up, say hi, introduce yourself, ask if he'd care to chat for a few minutes?

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"Accidentally" slightly bump into the back of their car with my own. Oops. But now, we can exchange information. :P

Kidding, of course. I just try to strike up a conversation.

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LOL, love it

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You could try

-singing telegram and say oops you have the wrong address

-leave your lights on (KILL YOUR BATTERY) down the street and ask for a BOOST

-invite the person over for drinks

-rake their leaves

-fender bender (no serious damage though)

-cook them a turkey with all the fixins

-stalk them and find out if they go to a laundermat or grocery shopping

-mail them a letter

-email them

-take them to the restaurant "0 Noir"

-slap them in the ***

-just ask them

I am witts end now..........):

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know their routine......& stalk are kinda dense so we need to go to these extremes

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