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My brother attacked my sisters marriage so she has a good reason to be mad at him and not want to open herself (and her relationship) to that kind of assault again. He insulted her husband, told her she should leave him and generally caused damage. He tried the same thing with me and I told him to shut up and stop giving me marital advice because it's my choice. We're getting along fine now as long as he stays off the topic. How do I try and get everyone together?
Wifeinater Wifeinater 26-30, F 3 Answers Sep 11, 2012 in Family Struggles

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If both sides respect you then do as following:<br />
Throw a party. Give a reason to first one such that it excites him and he doesn;t feel that your sister will be interested atall. Similarly make a reason for your sister such that it excites her for attending that party.<br />
And hope both turn there.<br />
<br />
You run a risk of ruining your relationship too with both of them....

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