I wrote a letter. Found out four years later that his daughter found it and read it, she called me and confessed he hurt her too. All these years later, it's not about closure. It's not about forgiveness. Forgiving hasn't stopped the occasional memories or flashbacks. It hurts when I think about it. Idk why people think it just will go away once you grant forgiveness, like some sort of miracle. You have to accept that it happened, it's not changing, it's done. Now what? One day at a time. Breathe. Keep breathing. Get counseling. Deal with the range of emotions that comes with it. Identify problem behaviors that may be related to the abuse, and attempt to work on those problems. It does get easier... it really does. Closure is your acceptance that it happened, and it's not going to just disappear from your life. Then you can start healing.

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