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EddieMovie EddieMovie 22-25, M 4 Answers Nov 29, 2012 in Health

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It takes some practice, but you can ignore all who are unnesisary to you immediate needs, even if they're looking over your shoulder literally.<br />
<br />
It's also very unnerving for bosses supervisors who like to stand close behind you and intimidate. Most employees perform worse when someone is doing that, but if it doesn't affect you, you can intimidate them by simply ignoring their presence.

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Like Madeleine47 said, if it's going to be helpful to listen to what they're saying, do so! If theyre just throwing around dramatic, rude nonsense, then pay no mind by flat out ignoring. Act like you didn't hear, or just look away without saying anything after they've finished their rant. The people being critical get a kick out of knowing they are bugging you. So if you let them see that they can't/won't get to you, they'll get bored and probably stop. Also- pray about your situation! Whatever you do, try to have some self control- I know from experience that it can be embarrassing to blow up in front of everyone over something that was a big deal to you, but everyone else just saw as a joke. I'm not saying it is right for them to do that, and I'm also not saying it isn't right to get mad or feel annoyed, but I just know from experience how humiliating blowing up in front of everyone can be once all is said and done. Best of luck!

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