is there a sign? please answer...
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i agree with twixs. If his behavior doesn't reflect his words then he is not capable of (no, you can't fix him) or he chooses not to. Either way you would feel alot of pain in the future.

Listen to his behavior!!!!!

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For me a guy is sincere if he makes good on his word and does not make false promises. He really really likes you if he goes out his way to make you feel special, treats you like a queen and as if you are the most important person in the world.

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What if guy is sincere and he really likes you... BUT he'll make your life miserable after marriage?

The question is "Is he right for me?".

No one knows the answer but your own heart.

Feel it

live it

absorb it

and soon you'll know. Your heart will let you know if he is "really is right for you, or just a flick"

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The truth is that you cannot be sure until you get to know him and learn what is really on his mind and in his heart, any more than he can be sure of you. Give him a with him, spend time with him. However dont let your guard down completely, dont give him too much too soon (body, heart, mind, or spirit). Just be patient and let nature take its course, the truth of his heart and intentions will reveal itself. Be his friend, be his companion before you be his lover.

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I think he cares when he checks on you to see if your OK. I knew my last boyfriend was a keeper the night I met him. We met at a club which is close to the building where I work and he happened to work at the building next store and knew many people that I did. After the night ended, he asked me for my phone number, which I gave him since all my friends there knew him and said that he was a great guy. Anyway, when I got home that evening he called me to see if I got home alright which I thought was very sweet. Also, he was very much a gentleman and said that it had been a pleasure meeting me and asked if he could call me again the next day. He really got points for being a caring gentleman and we dated for 7 years. Even though we're not together any more (my decision-long story), we're still great friends and still love each other. And when the weather is bad, he still checks in to see if I got home safely.

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If he'll kill for you.

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First, I am a guy. Your not give up sex quickly and if he stays around...he likes you for real. If you give it up, you will never know. If he really likes you, he will wait.


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Does it seem like he wants to spend time with you?

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U sh'd focus his talking & behave way with u and his eyes...-princeraja

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