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He'll try to get you alone so he can 'really' talk to you. If a guy likes you he's not going to come on to you infront of a pack of friends (yours or his).

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If he is straight he does not see you as a friend. He sees you as a possible lay.

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Well, I think you have to observe him. See if he reacts when you talk closely with other boys and all... It happened to me when I was talking to someone. He intervened.

Also, if he wants to talk to you alone. OR if he waits for you. Both happened to me. With same person.

And if you've known him for a long time, you could observe if the way he acts around you changes. :) I hope I helped.

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I'm SURE he just SEES u as a FRIEND

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well one is that if you like him thats that and if one of your freinds ask him who he likes hell probably say knowone but how you know he likes you is this if......

he looks at you and says knowone it happened to me friday augst 7 2012

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