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When he not only says sweet things but goes out of his way to do sweet things. And I do mean out of his way.

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you can know but it is your decision. get a psychology book from the library and make sure it is accepted by the scientific community. you can get educated about this world and it will help you.

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It's hard not to let emotions effect your decision. It is in their nature to want nice things

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I hate this. My gf thinks that all guys are after one thing. She says I'm a sweet talker and she finds it hard to believe that I'm real. I am real. I can't blame her because she was used in the past. People did play her to get in her pants.

She's always doubting me. She's just defending her heart. All I can do I'd be patient with her & keep expressing my feelings. It's taking time to sink in but she's getting it. I'm still around and so is she. We must be doing some thing right.

We were getting intimate the other day & she mentioned how all the guys in her past wanted to have sex all the time. That turns me off I remained intimate without genital contact. I don't "need" sex. I just love being with her & I'm pretty sure she recognized that. I didn't get any ***** but I still had fun. Honestly. She's getting there & I'm willing to stick around until (and after) she's 100% comfortable with me.

That's it patience is key.

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you never know there a guy

there a guy its what they do

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