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It's a matter of superstition and believing that someone can do that. Depending on what it is, I can believe some of it, but you can be paranoid and just not want to take responsibility for your own shortcomings and blame it on "a spell" or that "someone jinxed" you.

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I wouldn't know....because I don't think a "spell" would have any effect on me.

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i think it's all in the mind, somewhere in africa ( sorry can't remember where) a patient was admitted with severe physical symptoms, his wife explained that a local witch doctor had put a hex on him. the doctor was trained in western medicine and his tests revealed no illness, the doctor was sensitive to local custom, so he devised an elaborate ritual ( dead chicken or something like that, can't recall) and explained that it was a spell to cancel out the hex, he performed said ritual and ......patient healed up fine.

in your case, visualise any bad energy coming from this person returning to them , actually see it

then find some better company.

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A spell on me? Like spelling my name properly or the use if the word spell in hillbilly chitchat mean for a short time?

Perhaps you mean a spell as in what witches do. I have to laugh at that one as there is no such thing as witches so a spell on me from them would be non-sense.

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