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a truly crazy person, is someone who doesn't know they are crazy. The ones who do know, well at least they know the difference between crazy and sane.

and really, who is completely sane these days any how?

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crazy people swear up & down that they're Sane.......the rest of us know better ;-)

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You called , ? Gahahahahaha!! , ya didn't, well then Squadala!! im off!!

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I would think a person like the one we have at work is a prime candidate for the name.

He has no fiends.

Is always doing something to cause harm to others in one way or another, ...and he thinks he's doing nothing wrong when he does it.

Very very abusive to everyone.

Heavy duty liar.

Work place pranks that cause company uproars and distubances.

Going to co-workers other jobs to pump employees on his coworkers performance.

Using a company vehicle on company time to run around to car dealers for the purpose of finding out where a coworker bought a vehicle and what they paid.

Prank phone calls.

Violating other peoples civil liberties and privacy laws, then refusing to accept the fact that what he did was wrong.

He changes his voice with his moods, which scares the women in the company because it almost seems like a totally different personality kicks in.

His hygene is absolutely gross and highly neglected. The inside of his mouth looks like he eats vasoline sandwiches, ...his teeth are so neglected.

His living conditions are as bad as some homes you see in movies. Months and months of pizza boxes stacked up in the kitchen and a sink full of dirty dishes that never get washed. (roaches everywhere)

This Menomonee Falls Wisconsin man lives above a retail business in an apartment that stinks of dirty laundry and linens. His south windows that look out over his black Jeep are so filthy that it may be easier to just replace the glass, rather than trying to get them clean again.

Numerous employees are keeping logs of Dan's Daft conduct at work. They want to have him comitted.

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When they brag to people that they are.

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You don't. You can assume, but that usually ends up making you be the crazy one.

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You know when someone is "crazy" when there irrational behavior causes the problems that eat at them and in turn those problems make them act irrationally. They do not know why they do what they do and don't realize that they are causing their own problems. They continue to believe that the same behavior that causes these problems will eventually manifest the outcome that they want. If you see an obvious seemingly "crazy" behavior and they are unaware that this is true, I would call them "crazy." Although their intentions are never to create the outcomes in their life.

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He/She is on EP

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Like in what way crazy? Mental Ilness? or Just a f ucked up personality?

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The voices inside my head tell me.................

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whatch them veeeerrryy carefully for some time and you will find that there where the water is quiet and the ground is dark there will be something very disturbing that people are afraid to talk about

and this always happens yea try it then let me know

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They have a couple of friends dressed in white with them all the time and one of them is good with a net.

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Plant your nose on the suspect's butt and take a long whiff.

If they smack you, they, at least, are sane.

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Hmm, thats a very broad question. I think that the better you know someone, the more able you are to discern if they are a little (or a lot) unhinged. Some ppl are good at hiding their true character though, so even then you cannot be 100% sure. But a few signs are:

* 'On a mission' all the time

* Drives too fast and dangerously

* Doesnt have any concern for other people at all

* Won't listen to others points of view

* Likes grotesque or violent things

* Foams at the mouth

One or two of these traits can be found in a lot of ppl but if you meet them all in one person, be careful!

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If they are Cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

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They say they love you holding a knife.

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