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I noticed that a recent trend is for other people to tell you what to think or what to believe in. It seems to me that there are acceptable levels of persuasion. Then there are levels of constant meddling, harrassment, and lectures and punishments and rewards offered to those people who are being targeted for brainwashing. It is more common then you think and it happens more often then ever credited for. How to avoid it? You have to know it is happening to you first. Then you can counter defend your spirituality, beliefs, and who you are as a person. Any comments or suggestions? Maturity Comments Only Please.
Mlsi Mlsi 31-35 3 Answers Aug 3, 2012 in Abuse

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You do not know what you are opening up concerning this,but you should,because you are absolutely right(and more)in your observation.Most people are asleep and do not see what is happening.You cannot go to the authorities about this to seek help,its their design in the first place,and what you see is being implemented by them.Their favourite methods of dealing with anyone rocking their boat is to label you mentally ill,and/or to have you community mobbed/gang stalked(if you have not heard of this,search it,you NEED to know)which I have been for over ten years.Well done for observing what IS going on,most have no idea.

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if you're a mind-reader, then you'll know that

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