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x1deadlyninja1x x1deadlyninja1x 22-25 2 Answers Feb 4, 2013 in Family Struggles

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Do you and your girlfriend both work? What is it about her that makes them say she is lazy and not for you? <br />
Personally, if I didn't like them feeling like they could run my life, then I'd stop accepting the money. They might be trying to make you feel obligated by giving it to you. You don't have to choose, tell your mother that you love her and you love your girlfriend. Who knows, you may come home one evening married. How would she like that?

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I finally reached a point where I realized that certain people (like my mother) cannot be pleased. So I treat her just as I would have her treat me, and when she oversteps boundaries, I explain to her that because of her behavior, I will not be speaking to her for a few days. <br />
<br />
Sounds like I'm dealing with a toddler, doesn't it? But honestly... my mother is infantile in many ways.

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Well see the thing is that they have done a lot financially for me and my small family. I just don't see how they try and port re there life style on us, I mean I am 24 and my girlfriend is 29.To them they feel she is lazy and I guess also not the right person for me. I feel confused on who to choose between my mother that i barely even know or the girl that I have know for a very long time and been with for 5 yrs.

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