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It is not easy especially with neurological problems as so many dont understand all the little things that are involvved as well as the bigger things. Friends seem to melt away when you cant make as much effort to see them any more. Family often dont understand and get impatient. I have a partner that understands a lot but he says he hates to see me suffer and sometimes that brings him down and sometimes he gets me sad when he doesnt understand some things no matter how I often I try to explain.

I try to be happy and smile and say everything is ok but he sees through it. Sometimes it is a strain on us both but there is no way to totally pretend especially when the pain is there. Neuro problems are often invisible disabilties which are hard for people to understand. If you break a leg they will say 'of course you will be down if you cant around like usual, of course it will make you sad if you cant get around so much' When they cant see it is there they cant always understand and if it goes on too long they can get tired of it. Just hope you can be with someone that can understand as much as possible and who will let you have your days that you dont want to smile or you need to rest all day. Sometimes easier said than done though

Good luck

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Hit the issue on the head

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Hopefully the person you are in a relationship with is mature and supportive and caring. How does the health issue interfere with a relationship? Many people with health issues have relationships at the same time.

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