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In a years time I will graduate in Public Health Science and will get a job in that field. Since this year began I have been desingng and sewing clothes as a hobby. But lately my hobby seems to becoming more than just a hobby. I know that Public Health and Fashion are unrelated. How possible it is to have two different jobs? Have you mananged having two jobs? Is it really stressful?
an7ya an7ya 26-30, F 2 Answers Aug 24, 2009

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Hey.. what did you end up doing finally? I have two undergraduate degrees - one in Psychology and the other in Fashion Design.. Was considering pursuing both.

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Yes I have. And, lots of people manage being full time employees and full time students. What helped me at the time was: I had no children. Because you have to be very organized in your private life to make it work. It also helps if you can let dishes go for a week and not stress about it.Also, I made that one day OFF from every thing SACRED! NO WORK OF ANY KIND, just sleep or play. But yes, people do it.

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