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Ive done what most of what LyNz46 suggested face book was the first to go, he has all the albums, i try not to listen to certain music and change the radio when it does come on. I have my own friends i spend time with and out live only overlap when we have to discuss selling the house. I just cant seem to convince my heart that its over. He wanted the divorce I didnt but you cant force someone to stay with you. Yet here i sit sad and face full of tears because i want my husband to put his arms around me and tell me he loves me.
lenor1 lenor1 31-35, F 4 Answers Mar 16, 2011

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when YOU'RE still.....(You are....)

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You may not be able to move for quite some time.Many actually get back together and re marry.Time is the only thing that works for awhile then you start to get out and do fun things to help heal a little bit more till someone new comes along or your ex comes back into the picture.Sorry about what you are going through,it is rough.

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I'm no expert, but here's my 2c's worth:<br />
For the other areas of your life, I guess if you don't already have these things to begin with, get yourself established into a career that gives you the means to take care of yourself, work towards getting yourself a home and making it your own, and work on finding interests and hobbies to fill your time that is all yours now.<br />
<br />
As for your heart, as you were married, you're in deep, so, waiting for the feelings to die and pain to go away? I don't know how long that takes. But you could keep yourself really busy so you think of them less, and thereby focus on the feelings and pain less, and perhaps it'll help you to start detaching yourself. This worked for me once to get over a bf, but as you were in deeper than that, I don't know what else to recommend. I'd almost even say meet other people, but for me, when I"m in love with someone, meeting other people is generally futile, so...

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