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(this is not someone I can separate myself from, we have children together)
JustVal JustVal 31-35, F 2 Answers Aug 30, 2008

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I went through a divorce and I still care about my ex and always will. I am no longer in love with her, but it took some major hurt for me to realize I wasn't in love with her when we split up, and I hadn't been for some time. <br />
<br />
Once you get to the point where you know the relationship can't be saved, you have to move on. No more doing anything that resembles being a couple anymore. If you are together with the kids don't hold hands for their sake. When. You have to stand your ground and be firm about anything romatic or physical. Stay away from any "one more time" encounters... They will set you back in your healing. Remember that going through a seperation and divorce is a greiving process... Just like losing someone that died... Only is worse because you (or they) have chosen to take another path, and they are right in front of you. It takes time and tears. Lots of both, but remember to allow yourself a rebound and times to laugh. Go out with friends, watch funny movies... You have to balance the tears with laughter.

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I do think that even thought you stil love your ex if both of you are better off apart from each other.You made the best decition!the only way you could move on with your life is to remenber the bad moments that let you to live your ex. The time cures everything.Good luck!

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