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Do excellent work; be pleasant to your co-workers; treat everyone with respect (whether they deserve it or not). And DON'T gossip.

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I just do my job and Im friendly to my co workers. I don't have any game plan. Sorry you work at a company where you gotta kiss ***. That would bug me...

good luck

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Hey..I am the Boss and we have a blast...I tell my crew if you can't laugh and have fun at what you are doing then why do it...You would not even know I was Boss if you walked in I am just one of the gang...I love what I do....

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let me know when you find out

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LifeInWords said it all for me!!! in my work, you have the group that suck up the managers ***, and you have the group that just like to shut up, do their work and leave when the day is over!! these 2 groups hate each other and if you try to please both groups, then everyone goes asgainst you!!! so i just end up pleasing no one but myself and saying exactly what LifeInWords just said!!!

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Its cliche but true

You have to learn to play the game

I recall one of my first evaluations. I was the highest producer in that office that first eyar. And for the most part the evaluation reflected it all,

But my manager at the time had an issue with my non participation in the weekly meetings., I mean Iw as present, but not vocally participative in the effort. In my estimation they were pointless, and an absurd waste of time in which I could be doing something more productive. But they were a big deal to him. And ultimately they are the oens who determine your advancement.

So yes, feign it if you must.

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