Other phrases include "I don't think you care." "You can stop pretending you want to be here." "You can stop pretending you are interested in that." If I actually did care or wanted to be there, I would be extremely offended.
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You make me think of yanni:((((((((((((((( I should check to see if she responded:( fakkkkkkkkk whateverrrr damn I will Damn it DAMN IT I WILL. YEAH.

I used to pretend I was stupid........ :( (Not to those I was never that popular lol people are just whatever I'm fine now though I'm :D

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If I say something, I mean it. If I am somewhere, that's because I want to be. If someone DARED say that to me, he/she would not be left short of a quick sharp answer!

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I balk at being told how I feel or what I want by other people. Personally, I think it's a self-pitying habit that is passive aggressive and manipulative, and I'm unusually alert when it's happening.

I usually say, "No one controls my thoughts or my actions but me. If I am here, it's because I want to be. If I do something, it's because I want to. If I say something, I usually mean it. No one can decide these things for me. And that includes you. So maybe your unhappiness is based on a personal feeling and nothing I'm actually saying or doing. If so, we can talk about it."

I know, I know, a little stern and logical. But it tends to work for me. First, my friends a/o colleagues are stunned by my forthrightness. Next, they're speechless because I just called them on something they probably wasn't even conscious they were doing--projecting personal feelings or impressions onto me. I don't always get this wordy--after knowing me for so long, most folks know how I'm going to react--but as a writer, I know the importance of painting a mental picture of with words. I paint a picture of someone who is not governed by how others choose to see me.

Others think there's an unconditional obligation to support friends or family or colleagues who behave this way. My thought is that if you feel emotional pressure to deny and codify a person's perceptions of your behavior, words or actions, then they're innately wrong. If you're not bored at a movie they asked you to attend with them, it is not their right to make you feel bad about being there based on their perception that you're just there to make them feel better.

They should realize that the fact that you're there at all is a direct negation to their assessment that you're just a seat filler in their lives. It's my experience that family and friends entertain you because they love you and enjoy your company. If the complaining person can't see that, then it really is his/her issue, not yours.

These types of comments are so commonplace now. It's like an epidemic of low self esteem, as well as a tendency to blame others for the difficulties in one's life. Just know that no matter who's talking to you, they have no right to impose their unhappiness on you by determining how you think, feel or respond. It's often a self-fulfilling prophecy with them--"I said they didn't want to be around me, now they're not around me"--because after awhile, the self-pitying act gets old and you move on to more positive people to interact with.

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ok so maybe you are higher than mighty? right? maybe you hurt others feelings to get this reation to see how much you can push them to see their self pitty and they you move on ... ok i got it in other words logic is so important to you than a feeling right? your alone now arnt you ? ok so now i see a big picture. may be say like a girlfriend sits there and starts out feeling sorry for you , so she starts doing everything possible to please you so you soak it up and and you start to feel way higher than her you eventurally break her spirit, create a confused depressed woman who doesnt even think has any kind of purpose? so ok you end up making her feel no love she does everything in her power even put you first above her own children, and you give her nothing you dont kiss her because you know she wants it, logic: you never say anything nice to her she will do anything for you no matter the cost , she want just to see you smile and for you to just "be nice to her" she has no friends , ok may be she has low self worth "logic" poor you shes manipulating you , she has had alot happen to her , so logic says treat her just the way she feels about herself infact let her see her worth, dont help anyone logic ...... maybe she just needs a friend maybe she did everything in the world for you because she looked up to you,and just want to really know you because she thought you were so smart you were one of a kind out of hundreds of men she had been around you yes you were the one she chose to get to know because she was amazed by you . your goal was logic break her spirit she manipulates.... or have you ever thought she spent four years to make you happy because she looked up to you and tryed to be your type and fail why? because you have logic . as far as me. i fell for it ok, if there was pitty for myself it was because i spent so much time and all my focus to get what i had always wanted but never had, a family. is that really manipulation thinking more of you than anyone and then i cry cant you even just be nice to me ? cant you ever just look at me? cant you even just talk to me why why cant you love me? ive done everything possible to earn it. and at the end i was beaten down worn out self pitty ? really i just wanted love. i couldnt have that would you be my friend please. i couldnt have that . could you just talk to me? you wouldnt give me that . can you please just be nice so i can be a mom to your daughter and you a father for our son? no i couldnt even have that. im sorry what part of rejection doesnt hurt? do i pitty myself no i just never met some one with a mess up mind like yourself. you cause pain. i was always told the more you do for some one the more they love and want to do for you . i got nothing , i got you putting me down all the time to your friend and family . i would be so upset that i went nights without sleep just trying to make your back feel better or ways to get your daught to love me and to let her know her self worth how smart she was i tried to give her what a mother would and what happend you told her i was crazy. i tried to have time for all four kids take care of your house my house and you so you wouldnt be in so much pain , i had sycosis because i wore myself down. i have low selfesteem because you needed so much i gave you all my focus and didnt think of myself . i gave you all i gave myself nothing. self pitty? no just taking time to heal me, ill be stronger than ever, i dont hate you infact i pitty you you gain your self worth only from the one who thought you to be worth giving you their all . i can be higher than ever all on my own you cant you have to have others through your logic sucking them dry so they treat you like a king . i can create my own kingdom . you will be alone . i will give our son my all Why because his father is logic and selfish, i will be better than you could ever be so keep your logic you are jellous of me because me, you cant be

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Yeah I know just trying to be nice...That pretty much shuts em up

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