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no one is perfect god expects us to learn and grow from life and if we stumble from the path u get back on.take it day by day and god promises afterlife and love once u accept him....he is like a forgiving dad not a strict dad

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God loves the surrenderd. I can't He can I'll just let Him.

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We learn walking by falling. Do not worry about making some mistakes.

As long as you know what is wrong and whats right, and as long as you know what to do to correct any mistake or to compensate for what you did , you are on the right track..

just pray to God to help you stay strong and to show you the right path...

God bless you

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have him in your heart, make sure hes number one truly try to live as good as you can and recokgnize he is out saviour yet he is a humble man as well.unless you sell stuff in the temple then look out!!

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I think it starts with dinner and a movie...

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The wording of your question suggess to me that you're an evangelical Christian--Baptist, Pentecostal--or something similar.

I suspect that you equate salvation and connection to Christ to be indicated and measured by the degree and quality of emotion you happen to feel at any given time--and when you don't feel the right emotion you easily fall into sin and jeopardize your relationship with Christ. When this becomes too much to bear or a trying event presses you--you repent or return to what you think is a correct relationship to God and you experience great emotions in the process of doing so.

That seems to be the experience of many evangelicals. I have an idea of that because I used to be one.

I am technically a Protestant but I've made the mistake of studying history and in the course of doing that, I've discovered something that I never dreamed would ever happen. It is this: The Roman Catholic Church is the Church that Jesus Christ founded upon the Apostle Peter and within her is to be found salvation and grace. Protestantism, in its thousands of forms is an unfortunate reaction to alleged outrages of popes and councils--they long ago thoroughly threw out the baby with the bath water when they separated themselves from The Church.

You need direction, you need assistance, you need the benefits of the Sacraments, the intercession of the communion of saints; sound doctrine to guide you along the narrow path trodden for 2000 years by earlier Christians and saints. Their testimony and witness is valued and taught for the sake of encouraging and enlightening the path that leads to God.

You've tried it the evangelical way--why not try the obvious way?

The way that's always been there but you were taught (likely taught) was the "broad path to destruction".

I've been lied to about the RC church my entire life. Rather than burn myself out with anger I may in fact be deciding to redeem the lost years by attempting to shed light on the Truth that is within the RC Church.

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I thought that you were assured that when the Romans beat the **** out of him, and nailed him to a stake that you had no need to worry. Is'nt he your savor? You sound like a sniveling little wimp.

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You don't commit your life to anybody but yourself. There is no salvation in Jesus, only confusion and lies from a church who uses his name to mislead everybody...

Go Zen, you'll feel so much better.

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Sounds like you're on the right track to me.

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