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Treat them how you would like your mother/sister/daughter/wife to be treated. Met many shy girls who put themselves down far too much because they lacked confidence or thought they were ugly. A simple kind word or gesture to suggest otherwise can have a greater impact than most realise.

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recognize the goddess within, and posture to the source....

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Just respect them sincerely, then they become empowered.

In the past, they were deprived of all rights, especially the rights

for education. And the whole society looked down upon them

because of their lack of knowledge. The movement for suffrage

lasted for already nearly two centuries, but most men have not

changed their minds.

Now, we need more respect for women, more priority of education

for them. And the next generation of man will know how to respect

women when their mothers know how to teach them about equality

of gender, equality of all human beings who are equally the

rational children of God. Yes, only that new generation will

make the real change.

Lessons and practices should be spread more broadly and

more actively for this high purpose of the whole human race.

When women are empowered, men will also be benefited.

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By treating them the same as I do the men. Wether I treat the men good or bad is another matter.......everybody is treated the same.

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By submission.

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Women require respect? lol.

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Yes :P

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Ok. Only after you cook me dinner and have meaningless sex with me. lol.

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as often and as much as i can because in my heart and mind that would be the only way to get me a girl that will stay with me....

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same way as anyone else

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i'll start worrying about that once i learn to respect and empower my own self.

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