People on this site always message me and when I express my opinions about certain things, they suddenly become passive aggressive. For example a person had messaged me and asked me how I was. I was mildly sketched out by a stranger out of the blue messaging me who had no profile picture, no experiences, or activity worth noting. Me: im okay. who are you? Them : A stranger of course Im BLANKED... Whats your name? Me: i dont like speaking to strangers who prefer anonymousity honestly Them: Oh... So you don\'t like to speak to 80% of the people in this site. Seriously? Do people legitly believe this tone will urge me to \"see my ways\" and want me to talk to you? The answer is no.
starfishheart starfishheart 18-21, F 1 Answer Dec 26, 2013 in Community

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i agree! they target you because you are younger, but i get those people too. i ignore messages if they are of that nature. it's your e.p. - you dont have an obligation to respond to anyone! : )

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i am younger, but i definitely hold up my own. it's interesting to see the reaction of those who think i cant fend for myself for sure. thank you for your thoughtful reply.

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