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I'm in my mid 20's and work part time minimum wage, 18 hrs per week and I get paid every week. I want to move out within a year if that's even possible. I'm looking for a full time job or a 2nd job which every comes first and I'm back in college half way done in the course.
woman24 woman24 22-25 3 Answers Sep 18, 2013 in EP

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i'm emancipated, & am now 18. have been living by myself since i was 16. i picked up craigslist jobs for a while, you can find a lot of simple things to do for quite a good pay. also, try finding like maybe a UPS job since it's around the time they look for seasonal workers, you'd make about $16/hour for sitting in a truck. if that's not your cup of tea, i know if you work at Aldi's the grocery store, you start at $10/hour.

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i dont know. try and get a better job and more hours. its not easy thou. or do what i do. job a bank or somthing. lookng for some good guys. what can you do? i need a tec guy.

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It'll be slow. But something I never thought of until this past month or so---check into government subsidized low income housing.

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