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HAVE FUN ; saying I love you really can be fun. Saying it without expecting anything in return . The best way to overcome this fear is not to espect the phrase in return. So go ahead and be a little crazy when you say I love you .

MAKE EYES CONTACT ; making eyes contact shows sincerity and communicates trust. Even thought there are propably a few inches between your faces it should feel like there is nothing between yourselves , not even air .

SAY IT AT AN APPROPRIATE TIME; time that will make

Both you and the recipient most comfortable.

MAKE IT SPECIAL ; back up your words . So smile , and perhaps give your love one a hug . ;)


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That's a mind over matter situation. If you really love someone and it's a mutual feeling, I'm sure they will be just as happy to hear it as you were to "reveal" the awkwardness for if they don't take it well . Haha

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Tape it to a rock and throw it though her window.

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Depends if it's in person, over the phone, or over the net? when i said i love you to the man i loved it went like this

Me; i have something to tell you

Him; yeah whats that?

Me; i think i love you!

Him; really

Me; mmm

Him; what?

Me; you dont seem to care?

Him; i do it's jus that, i love you too

then we started dating :) and yeah sh*t happend

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with sexual favours

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Can't be done the first time, otherwise you don't mean it.

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i know her for about a year now

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I mean that if you aren't nervous and all awkward when you say it to your significant other the first time, you probably don't mean it.

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Easy: I LOVE YOU!! (I don't feel awkward at all!) Lolol!

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Anything In person can be said and pulled off just the way you want or need. It's in the way you say it and how the tenner of the mood has been set. Like you could say it in a cute way: I just love u so much while forming a fist and brushing it against the others face. Nonchalant like.

I have actually sold a car to a couple and slip in " So I will go and d * * k down your wife."

husband says what and I say 233 a month at sixty month is......." husband then goes right back to the money issue. It's just about the setting of the mood,timing and scenario.

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Talk about other things, so they learn how you say you love them in your own language. And then say it at the right time in English.

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Just do it.

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