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Well, emotional talk is always a problem for me , but I suggest you bring them into a comfortable scene and then say , " When I am not around you , I feel that I want you so near." " When I look at you I see so much of me inside of you and I want us to share ......blah blah blah blah.....etc etc.........just say how you feel and if you are worried about rejection then you don't need them in the first place.

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Just be honest and speak from your heart :)

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just be honest with them, they will respect you far more for that

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what is the problem with being weird?

.................... we all are !

being the real you might face a lot of rejection.... but then you will find people who really like you and accept you, not the pretended you,

respect from robbie

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Why would I feel weird about telling someone how I feel??

I never tell anyone how I feel if it's not a bad feeling.

But most of the time I tell God how I feel He at least hears me and can help me.

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