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As far as my experience has shown me, more-than-friendship love includes:

- wanting to be with them often, missing them

- wanting to know Everything about them

- wanting to make a good impression on their friends/loved ones

- wanting to Kiss them, be Close to them (embrace, cuddling, NOT just hugging or maybe using them as a leg rest), maybe daydreaming about them holding your hand or saying romantic things

- With More Than Friendship love, people are often lost and confused when the relationship ends, more so than the average friendship.

- Love love involves that butterfly feeling when you're near them or thinking of them, or feeling nervous around them, maybe sweaty hands or shaking, inability to think clearly.

- wanting odd things like to hear their heartbeat, their advice on small decisions, etc

Friendship love is:

- being there for them, but only to a certain point

- enjoying their company, but not wanting to be around them every second

- caring, but not worrying about impressing their friends and family too much

- wanting to be a small part of their life, not necessarily a large one

- can spend a week/month without them and not feel too depressed about it (I mean, we all don't like being away from best friends or good friends, but with Love, it is Very Unpleasant to be away from them this long).

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Hey, just to add on- I like how you put it as "more than friendship", becomes love does include a sort of friendship- just on a deep and intimate level :). Thanks for BA!

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Thanks for the answer, it helps a lot :) and thank you

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Sexual attraction is what clues me into the difference. Unless you are talking about the love you have for a family member- parents, children, or siblings. Those are a bit different too, but can be deeper or less deep than friendships.

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I have a very difficult time with it

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