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That would be kind of difficult. I would say to use the internet to find places in your area. If you truly do not feel comfortable doing so, then your best bet is to find them by meeting a few people, get to know them..

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I dont live in the country but do live in an intolerant country and when i first arrived I was beaten coming out of an established gay bar, so I resorted to the internet and you will find places that are discreet that can be used for finding like minded people. As one person said above even places like libraries and coffee shops will be recognised places for people to meet discreetly. Good luck I hope you find who you are looking for

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Find your local gay bar. People there can be very friendly to new people. Just be sure to watch your back when you leave and be careful who you leave with. Let Matthew Shepard's death caution you to those that want to cause harm and target these places.

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