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How does a straight guy cope with living in a gay home? And what issues must he face in this setting?
aliciahayes52 aliciahayes52 22-25 6 Answers Sep 23, 2011

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A gay home? Maybe just make sure you buy a "straight car" and then you can escape from time to time.

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Just become a closeted straight person at home and when you outside you be yourself...

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I would move. I once heard my moms best friend have *** with his best friend in the shower and they both came out of the shower wearing robes and I was so grossed out and then they smoked a joint with me to keep me quiet and I was only 13! I told my mom anyways and it broke up her friendship and they didn't talk for ten years. I also found out that Al's friend Taz was actually gay so I didn't make this up. I am scarred for life. I wouldn't stay in that situation your just going to have to pack your bags up and move if you ask me.

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