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Go out with some friends to places where you are likely to meet new people.Join a health club,you will meet so many people there and they cater for so many types of people,not just the young.You have already made a positive step by joining EP,this community has so many diverse people,if you are prepared to become active here you will make friends,some of them will eventually turn out to be very genuine friends,I can voutch for that for in my year here I have some very dear friends.There are so many options available for you to meet people,volunteer work in a charity shop,getting involved in local policing issues,learning how to dance,the list is endless.

Good Luck,I wish you all the success you deserve :-)

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I am 50 and in the same boat as you. And I have tried courses and so on, but my interests don't match up with other people my age, and of course someone 20 years younger doesn't want to be friends with someone so much older, not that I blame them. I can't really relate to their experience either. Do you find it hard to relate to people? Have you tried these suggestions?

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I DO find it hard to relate to people that are much younger than me. My 30-year old daughter lives with me and I can't believe I have a daughter that old (another one is 33), since I don't feel like 30 myself! I've signed up for a program to go back to work, and also I am contemplating being a CASA volunteer. Thanks for replying! Sandy

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There are many activities which don't involve drink! Singing, dancing, music (i.e. learning it) cake decorating, charity work etc.

Travel? Flower decorating, evening classes, toymaking.

If you're the more active type, any sports class.

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My mom lost my dad a few years ago, and as she has never been sociable, I was worried about how she would spend her time and meet people. She started going to church, even though she has never been religious. Started attending some of the dinners and activities there. Her class takes on little projects that she can choose to participate in. And she has met some people there that she likes.

She also found a local group of people over 50 who like to take trips now and then. They are actually coordinated through another church, but anyone is welcome. They have gone on overnight trips to vacation spots or to festivals. My mom says it was a lot of fun when she went, and the group rate for the trip was really good. They all went in a bus and all reservations were already made so there was no worry about itinerary or getting lost, etc.

She also looked into the recreation department activities for her county and the surrounding counties. Now she goes to a line dancing class two nights a week and is really enjoying it. Costs her only $2 a night. She has met quite a few people there.

Where I am there is a writing group that meets at the local library once a week. It is mostly comprised of folks over 55. And there is a book reading club that meets here. You could try asking about groups at your local library. Chances are there are things going on.

I would strongly suggest visiting It is a site where groups register in hopes of finding likeminded people I have seen groups for hikers, bikers, nature lovers, and for people who just want to go out to dinner with other people. Check it out.

I hope you find some friends. I know it's hard. Good luck. :)

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college courses for older adults or mixed group...ive been to good few where may people are older or retired

ie language, jewelery making whatever catches your interest,

walking groups book discusuion groups volounteer groups.

some others ive thought of have been already suggested.

Good Luck

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try joining a fitness class or maybe a bingo night , im sure your local community has some things going on that dont involve drinking or clubbing . theres loads of things to do out there just find what your interested in doing and join , atleat this way your meeting people that also share you interests ,

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While I agree that it can be difficult, there are still plenty of ways.

Through work (if you are working)

Work for a charity (say high street shop)

Take up bowls

Join a dance class

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you don;t have to be a drinker to enjoy clubs..plenty of people don't drink or drlnk lightly.

Find group meetings the share the same interests as you.

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