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AmidstTheShadows AmidstTheShadows 22-25 5 Answers Apr 2, 2011

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The criteria for a true friend isn't that she understand you. It's that she tries her best to understand. Most of us can only understand one another by degree anyway. And sometimes we might think we understand when we really don't. Her heart and her intentions for your good are what matter here.<br />
As for the question, not being understood can feel frustrating. Especially if that is lacking with your closest friend. But as long as you know that friend loves and accepts you, in spite of not seeing eye to eye, then that is the most important thing.

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the only person who really understood me was this kid who has the same birfday as me we are crayyyzayy together. too bad i made the mistake of telling him i hate him for no reason probably because i was lonely and wanted him to come after me...ugh. lame. i hate my reverse psychology tactics. good thing i left them somewhere along the stream. and this other kid. who i had a weird crush on. who found me to be "predictable" I guess hes just very aware. who knows. <br />
my"best friend"?. shes pretty fake towards me. so NOPE. NEXTTTTTTTTTTTT.

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feels like a Sunday

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