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my wife said that there wasn't any sharp pain. just felt like a massive bowl movement that lasted forever.

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Well, there you go.

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It hurts like hell.... cramps so bad you wish they'd just remove the lower half of your body because you honestly would rather live the rest of your life without it instead of feel the pain any more. The very end when the baby is about to come out is much like pushing the biggest turd in the universe out, feels AWESOME when it's finally out!

You DO remember the pain afterwards, it's just that when you see that little baby and it's over, you realize it was all worth it.

(although as soon as you go into labor with your next child, you will certainly doubt your own sanity and wonder what the heck was wrong with you in allowing yourself to get pregnant again!)

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So you are pregnant. And you did not die. I am told it hurts like a kidney stone, so if you have had one of those, you have an idea.

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Just keep an open mind. The first time I was in labour for ages, over the weekend, kept being sent home not dilated enough, bearable. Then once in hospital they broke my waters and the real pain began. Could not get on with the gas and air, so had an epidural, that failed, put in the wrong place. Still in a lot of pain. Ended up with an emergency caesarean section after a wonderful spinal anaesthetic.

Next baby, planned caesarean, all the same doctors and the wonderful spinal.

So be open minded expect nothing and hope for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

If it was so bad, every women would have one baby and you really cannot remember the pain afterwards.

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Depends on the woman, I'm told.

My SIL said she barely felt it, my wife had a hard time, and I've known a few ladies who said it was agony.... so...

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dont worry its different for everyone. i found it bearable and twice without pain relief once with.

if your frightened arrange an epidural beforehand.

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each women has a different range of pain and what they can tolerate....

for me personally..... I wouldn't say it was beyond words...ya it gets a bit intense near the end, but when the girls were born, looking at their precious faces... I totally forgot any pain I had experienced.

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yea the bowlin ball outta the V is a great analogy

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