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I have three jars of cooked rice mixed with water,I put the three jars outside. Jar #1-I love you Jar #2-I hate you Jar#3-(Nothing,I left it blank cause I'm suppoed to ignore it) The lids arn't on the jars,the jars are open.The I hate you jar looks better then the other two,what do I do? It's for a science fair project,if I don't do good then I fail 6th grade,I try looking up research,but I get little detail,Jar #1 has rosette color in some spots with a mold,Jar #2 has a mold,and Jar # 3 has Rosette color all over,mold,and 1 dead bug...I think.I can't change it.If I don't do well I fail the 6th grade,Science fairs are supposed to be a choice not something you force kids into. What's and Abstarct? What are Variables? What is Background researsh? What is Experimental Procedure? What Data analysis? I'm not good with conclusion,can you give me an example of a conclusion? What are references? What does Acknowledgments mean? What's a table of contents? sorry if I'm asking too much
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Abstract - summarize what you're proposing to prove or disprove (what's your central question) and how you propose to do it (not detailed)<br />
Variables - you hate one, you love one, the control you're indifferent to<br />
Background Research - Wikipedia, google<br />
Experimental Procedure - more detailed explanation of the experiment (be sure to include facts about whether they're all in the same shade, exposure to outside air, humidity, etc.)<br />
Data analysis - take the results and analyze against the variables to see what you can come up with as a thesis for whether it affected the rice, and how<br />
Conclusion: Love helped the rice develop a rosette color, while both love and hate helped the rice mitigate the molding and avoid having a dead bug. Rice responds to emotion of any kind, but goes rosette for love.<br />
References: whatever references Wikipedia and google listed<br />
Acknowledgements: the person who gave you the jars, the rice, and whoever let you put moldy jars of rice around the house all week<br />
Table of Contents: All of the above titles, and which page they're on

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Thank you soooo much!!! :)

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You'll get the exact answer when you devide it by π3.14.

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