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I wouldn't do any more than allow him to follow his heart as after all, it is his life, not mine. As along as what he chose was not harming or hurting others I would walk through hell to support him.

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That would be wrong. If I understand the question right.

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I would never force my son to wear boys' clothes nor act like a boy if he didn't want to. I would provide invitations and opportunities for him to make choices.

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I would never force my son to wear boys clothes, but offer him encouragement to wear girl's thinggs and act feminine

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If your talking about forcing him, I never would. If its something he wants to do. Then what ever advise or help he wants.

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To the point that he wanted. Hopefully to where he and me wore matching dresses and pink converse tennys and panties&bra

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Your wording of your question has raised doubts as it suggests 'forcing' your son.

Perhaps you should of put it this way. "How far would you go to support your son if he wants to be feminine'

However, Giggelets knew what was the issue is here and good choice as best answer.

I would go with Giggelets with this one as to 'force' manliness on a son would be just as bad as 'forcing' feminising of a son.

I would support my son through hell if that is what he wants as I would my daughter if she wanted to be 'manly'

And anyway this 'issue' has no answer as ones meaning of 'feminine' and 'manliness' is subjective and stereotyping is not the way to go as history in the last 100 years tells us.

For instance, If woman where happy in their stereotyping then why the Suffragettes that wanted the right to vote.

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That's ridiculous.

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What sick mother would "feminize" their son?

*double take* at the question. .

Um, I don't get that.

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