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What if the survival of the planets biosphere depended on 8 out of 10 humans dying. Could you save the world by causing this culling of humans? What if you knew if this didn't happen not only would the remaining humans die but the rest of earths life along with them? Could you "release the Virus"?
AWhiteKISA AWhiteKISA 51-55, M 3 Answers Jan 12, 2013 in WTK

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Is this a 'tailored' WMD or just a random 80%?

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Targeting any one group has proven wildly unpopular in the past. This isn't about hate anyway. It is not a dislike for humans at all. it is an understanding we are only one part of a larger body. When an organism, like humans, experience an uncontrolled growth, it's called cancer and eventually can lead to the death of the larger body. Cancer must be controlled, we are a cancer. This leads to the ultimate internal conflict, what is good for the body is not good for me and my family. this then begs the question: How far would you go to save the world?

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You sound like a eugenics promoter.

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