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It's one year closer to death.

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My Year of Dragon 2012 is quite different:

I was hospitalised for heart disease more

than ten days before New Year; the treatment

was expensive.

But all aspects of my life become much better.

I have more flowers and plants around.

My computer works faster and I can write

many articles each day for my blog on that attract more friendly viewers.

I have more new ideas to answer questions

up here on EP.

These positive signs really tell me that

this Year of Dragon 2012 is the Great Year

for our beautiful world.

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I have a full time job right now, so it feels different.

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In most ways it has been the same.

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I have had this flu on and off for going on 6 weeks ....Hoping this year gets better

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So far; a LOT of bad luck ... of course , not too long to wait ... Dec.21st is about 9 months away ... Then too; we are told that everything will start on / about March 13th .... Hopefully NOT ....

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2012 has been incredible, so far. So many old pains and problems have been resolved that it seems I'm a new man. And its about **** time!

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It sucks like a Hoover.

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