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In my very small family, theres no way I couldn't be. I take the kids to school, sometimes pick up my son from take turns staying at my house. Help my grandson with his homework to make sure he actually gets help, if I were not to be involved, I don't think they could manage to run their lives.

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I use to be involved in there lives when I was babysitting all three of my grandchildren, from birth to Pre-school, ages 5,4,4 years old, also going through chemo at the time. <br />
Now my youngest daughter decided that her son can not come to my house anymore, because I yell, at the kids at times when there out of control, and she choose to have her son not in that environment.(my oldest lives with us and has a 5 and 4 year old, then adding another 4 year old to the mix makes it a hard time for me, and it just breaks my heart that he can't spend the night anymore, but I was good enough to watch him 5 days a week for 4 years at my house and spending the night once a week, I think my oldest daughter that lives with me, is dramatizing what happens in our house hold, since I work full time and she is on disability what a joke, and is lazy, the kids come to me or my husband for everything and of course we get them whatever they need, this is not the life I had thought I would have as a grandmother the best years to sit and watch the loves of my life, my story is to long to explaine everything, And I was not a perfect mother, but I did my best

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