I'm working on a little over 26 hours, just sips though... Enough to keep me out of becoming dehydrated enough for a hospital visit... Manic depression as a result of severe heartbreak kills an appetite pretty quickly...
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the rules of basic 3 come into play:

3 minutes without oxygen

3 days without water

3 weeks without food

Something like that.

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Just over a month. Jesus fasted for 40 days, so at least that, depending on your metabolism, size, health, etc.

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Many variables but based upon your general health, which gender you are (women last longer without calories), how much body fat you are carrying, how 'large' a person you are (meaning height and general build), and most importantly how much physical activity you do (more activity means more calories burnt means more demand on your body's internal organs means you die quicker). Approximately 3 - 5 weeks for an average adult is the numbers I recall from my studies in human physiology. However, understand that you will be doing permanent damage prior to 'death', thus you really should never 'fast' more than 48 - 72 hours.

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well, if you are on the heavy side you can last longer then if you are on the thin side. somewhere in the area of 6-10 weeks.

so if you're planning a trip out to the middle of a desert where there is a chance you could be stranded with no water... gain a bunch of weight before you go on your trip!!


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I had to survive on water and vicodin earlier it wasnt very fun

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Yep, it depends a lot on how much body mass you have to burn for fuel, metabolism etc., but the commonly accepted rule is 30 days.

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Google Ghandi.....I think he lasted quite a while, though he did go blind

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