like seriously how long does ***** last for if its inside a condom that has been tied up so no air can get to it? nd its been left in a hot room for a bout 3 to 5 days can a girl still get pregnant?, okay idk if u can reply on this. buht i aint asking for me. its for a friiend.
amyylOuisexO amyylOuisexO 16-17, F 5 Answers Nov 9, 2009

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I don't know but I wonder why you are asking. Are you planning to try and get yourself pregnant? I think ***** dies rather quickly and most condoms have spermicide in them.

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I hope you are not thinking of impregnating yourself on the sly with a used condom!


After 3 - 5 days at room temperature, you would probably give yourself a pretty impressive internal infection which might land you in hospital.

Please be nice. Wrap up the condom nicely in a piece of paper and dispose of it properly. These things are not flushable, okay? And then wash your hands. Good luck.


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Very unlikely. Most condoms are treated with spermicide.

***** can live outside the body for a little while, and I understand that the lifespan varies dependent on a lot of factors, but 3-5 days at room temperature is almost certainly too long...

And incidentally: you might want to do the housework a little more often. Leaving a used condom around for that long is just NASTY!

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