1. i wonder if it hurts less if you are the one who chose to let go. 2. seeking a way to forever completely forget because it still hurts so much. 3. i don't understand why people dump you for no reason.. is that because they love you for no reason either? that's not love then, anyways. 4. people are so selfish to dump another person because he/she just loves himself/herself. 5. Please don't tell a person you love him/her if you aren't even sure you will dump them for your selfish reason. 6. I give up. but it hurts.
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you assume that we were dumped. i did the breaking up, but it still took me years to get over it

my second love was the only person to leave me - i'm over him, but not it, if that makes sense

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I understand what you mean ........ the person you over but the break up still leaves scars although you move on you still remember the pain.

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yeah - it messed my whole world up

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Just a month? Maybe because I'm just tired of being forgiving... He is very conscious about sex so time comes he became womanizer tried this to other girl if what's the feeling.. We've been bf gf for 10 years but I have no courage to give his demand because that time we are still studying in college..and most of all I'm afraid to God as its written this is the sacred thing so I respect this too much... After that I have two more relationship ended because of they want to have sex..

No regrets because I'm still clean and intact and I can be proud to my future husband.

I realized that time that they did not love me because they changed a lot just because of no sex first love is the worst he womanized 3times. I'm just thankful because I learned from them how to choose a good man.

And now I am happily married after 2years of relationship with a man who respect me 100% Im very happy and all my family friends and relatives are very proud of him. I'm just lucky because it is a bonus that he is smart, handsome, loving and caring and faithful.

So don't be sad..God has plan for you..don't look or find a man.. Have faith that a good bf o husband is from Him just follow what is the words of God and surely he will grant you more than to what you expect.

Just spend your time doing good things..actually better if you will do good things to the one who hurt you..

Be happy always look on the bright side.. Bear in mind that all good and bad things has a good reason. Just always pray and ask for His guidance.

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You don't forget. Likely never will. However, you learn to move on. @ the age of 14 I fell deeply in love with a boy that was 18. We were close for 2 years till he had to move away. Just disappeared. ALL my life I compared this love I had for Bill.

Then I met Robert. And for the first time I know that THIS was my true destiny. And to let you know, I met Robert at the age of 50.

Recently, Bill popped up in my FB page. We talked of how we felt as teens and he told me how he too never stopped comparing his romances to what he had felt for me. WOW! But I still love my husband and will never desert him.

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Have never been able to forget her . I sometimes think that subsequent partners have not had 100% of my love & attention at a subconscious level . Even today ,decades on , i can still remember the very first words spoken between us , what she was wearing , and the look on my mates faces ,when she "cut me out of " the pack . I think about her often , and hope she is happy with her life , and kick myself for not taking the chance to reconcile , when it was offered . Stupid bloody minded ,stubborn bastard i was . Every girl in my life has been special ,and has enriched my life in some way , but she is the one , the only , who got away . So ,no , i cannot forget .

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Time is the only answer everything takes time to mend your broken heart to let go and move on give yourself time

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i love with my all when i get into a relationship and always put the other person to my priority and yet i got dumped as if im nothing in both of my previous 2 relationships. it hurt yes. and i still got over it. i drove myself busy with work and study. whenever i found myself sad n thought about them, i got up and work until i became physically too tired that i passed out right away once i lay in my bed after. and slowly, the pain gone. and for the good point, i succeed in my career and i learnt a lot.

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it is not a matter of being first love or not. it is about the intensity of love. if it was the love of your life, you had a deep relationship with a deep connection and love, you will never really forget it.

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I have, despite all my experience on the sexual plane, no experience there.

I've never loved any of my partners until my current one, and it was always me who did the dumping. Basically they were out of my mind by the time they had gone out the door.

If my current partner would dump me though... I'm sure that would be a hell of psychosis-inducing agony for me.

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Not a Dumping as such for me but more along the lines of losing a girl buddy who happened to be one of my best friends when I was growing up.I forgot about her within six months.I met somebody new not long after that Three weeks later.I was young and in Elementary School at the time.

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