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Like how long does crystal stay in your urine? And what abiut G? SYSTEM I mean, its hard to type from a kindle fire
IntoTheWeird IntoTheWeird 22-25 3 Answers Aug 22, 2012 in Health

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G is the same drug. Its suppose to be .... out when youre not high...but idk... its alot quicker than weed or alcohol, it just depends I guess... on how much you did and what you did to .... dilute it.

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3 days in your blood...always in the hair...i THINK its24hrs for urine but don't quote me on that <br />
<br />
Personally i just go with 3days...even whn i was a heavy user after 3days i could pass a drug test

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how sure are you of this ?? I got to get someone off this crap and I only got maybe 4 days or so to help.

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