My son had a mild to moderate head injury (concussion) in early May. He is still showing the same symptoms as when he was first recovering (but to a lesser extent.) I want to take him in to see the doctor - but want to make sure I am not making a mountain out of a mole hill. So - how long does it take a person to fully recover? (Update: I will ask him to accompany me to the doctors. The hospital and doctor are aware of his injury when it occurred. (As well as the police, as it was an assault by a youth.) I should have mentioned he is 19 - almost 20. He has mood swings and head aches. I contribute it to his head injury as he has never had mood swings like this before. I have heard that it takes up to three months to fully recover - but with his mood swings I feel prompted to ask him to come in. Thank you all for your help!)
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Hey! It's your kid!! Go make a mountain..... if he is fine, so be it... it will put your mind at ease!!

Call and make an appt now!! Go on.. get off this thing and call....

Remember: making mountains is what us parents do!


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You are his mother..get him checked out for his sake and your sanity. Concussions symptoms can be long lasting.

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It could be anything from a few hours upwards. Head injuries are always serious, and you're right to be concerned.

Take your child to the doctor, if only to set your mind at ease.

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I had one over three years ago and still have short term memory problems. I get lost and confused and do inappropriate things. Headaches and sometimes vision problems, can't do math very well or any sequential thing, finding words is hard and sometimes i talk and just stop and cannot think of the word i need and get mad at myself. I am lonely because i don't want to go out and be around people much. So when a guy comes over he is really in for it.

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