Right shin was severely bruised when it hit the dash in a car wreck, cant take certain anti-imflamitories because my neck is broken. I would seek a doctor, but its a 3 month waiting period. Anyone else ever had similar symptoms in a severe bruise?
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Don't worry dear it'll heal it all depends on the circulation of blood to that part so if a thrombus has developed apply a heparin ointment 2times a day ....if it's inflamation which you say it is apply cold packs as and when it's paining and yes have vitamin c in natural forms it'll speed up healing process also drink milk

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I was going to write it could be a spider bite-until I saw the part about the car wreck. You could have a hairline fracture that won't heal until it's treated properly. You have to get a radiologist that doesn't have an attitude suggesting they're never wrong in the event you second guess their initial diagnosis. I presume it was x-rayed at the time of the accident or no?

Where do you live and why does it take 3 months to see a doctor? Please respond, I'm anxious to know.

Be well!

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If I want to get into a regular family doctor to diagnose my other problems since the wreck, it will take 3 months unless I go into a welfare type doctor who are usually very limited. My nuerosurgeon gave me recomendations to 7 several MD's, but all are booked.

I was xrayed head to toe in the ICU. If it was fractured, wouldne it be hard to walk on? i only have a slight limp due to the discomfort of the swelling. Its embarassing to be in my mid 20's, and not have full function of my body.

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PS; are you in Brittain?

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Sounds like you've chipped your bone. I'd get to the ER or A&E to get it checked out. 2 months seems to be a long time for a bruise to heal.

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they might have missed something when they xrayed it, and I would think a chipped bone would be more painful? I dunno

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Vinegar helps, Soccer players use it, not a cure but it helps, just rub it in.

Greetings Hierman

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vinegar? that seems to be the remedy of the day. Giving it to my dog for a UTI. It seems to have several benefits. Thank you

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Bumb???....Don't you mean B U M P?

Go to see a G.P(or M.D.) wherever you are!

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yes "Bump". typo

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