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What's average where you come from? Do you have tertiary qualifications? Do you have much work experience? Are you at least reasonably good looking with a bright and outgoing personality? All these things would make a big difference.

If the answer is no to these questions then you'll be jobless for a long, long time unless you'll do absolutely anything for minimum wage.

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For a talentless , famewhore celebrity, not long.

For the average professional it may take a while, and sometimes, a long while.

Yep, life is not fair.

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Depends on what skills and/or education you have, also the state and occupation involved. There are positions needing to be filled right now in the healthcare and computer science industries, in many states.

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It depends on what you're willing to take and how qualified you are, and who you know.

Given a high school diploma and a willingness to take anything, it's usually taken two weeks or less, both times (once bagging groceries for min wage, and then for delivering pizza for tips) I actually wound up being hired I was called less than 24 hours after putting in the application, and all but hired on the spot. Otherwise, fugheddabout it.

I imagine this gets harder as one gets more specialized.

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it all depends....what do you do, how much experience do you have, education, etc..etc...etc.

i had 8yrs experience when i lost my job and had to move hundreds of mile to find a similar one (after 6 mnths)

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