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it takes as long as it takes and not a second longer...seriously though sounds like a situation he would not want you to be sad/lonely and that to become active more often in social settings to find a new interest if youve been doing that you are on the right track

keep a smile on your face, a fond memory of your lost love in your head, your chin up, and your favorite tune on repeat in your heartbeat

it will make you happier more upbeat which makes you more approachable

and you will be finding somone to keep you company sooner than you think the positive energy will do most of the work

if you mope then it may make findin the companionship you need harder to find

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Firstly, I am terribly sorry for your loss.My wife and I have an agreement that we would wait at least a year after one of us dies to find/date/love somebody else.Everyone's situation is different.When it's time, you'll know.Good luck, my dear.

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